is a manual for operating your human energetics. This guide includes ten exercises and meditations about

  • grounding and aligning with your higher self;
  • becoming more conscious and aware;
  • learning your unique universal language;
  • gaining faith in yourself that you will heal;
  • discovering what you will be happy with;
  • learning to facilitate another person's awakening.

You are a synchronization of universal, individual, and Earth consciousness, which is made from our all one universe—made of light and love

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is designed to connect you with your inner-self. The exercises will help you communicate with your deepest self, the Earth and all that is. Energy Work 101 will guide you in learning your unique innate language. Your answers to your internal questions; “Who am I?”,” Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How can I be happy?” are inside you, they are you.

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